• From an online start page to a social media tool and promotion platform – use tec.one to enhance your Internet experience
  • Getting to know tec.one takes just minutes and will save you lots of time
  • Create your favorite website or page collection and use it as your home page
  • Make your “website community” pages visible to anyone or keep them private
  • Save inner website pages for immediate access, like the specific route in maps or T-shirt page of an online store
  • Use a simple tec.one/login address for sharing your website or page collection with friends or colleagues
  • To always fill in the correct web page address, it’s best to right-click on the browser address line and copy & paste it into the input form
  • Want a short URL for a website or page? Use the tec.one Promote tool
  • Promote your own website or page on the Internet or support others
  • You can replace an auto-generated site screenshot with a picture of your choice using the simple edit function
  • Looking for info on the Internet? Open your tec.one page first and save the websites you are interested in for easy future access
  • Websites presented on tec.one are rated by real people – join in or see what others choose



To contact us, currently please use the Contact forms at www.aqti.one or www.imv.im

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Unless otherwise specified e.g. at 
http://tuner.one/terms-of-use solely for purposes thereof or required by the context, references herein to "tec.one" shall be understood as references to the Site as defined at http://tec.one/terms_of_use.

While there are quite a few sophisticated "social bookmarking" and widget-packed "starting page" websites or other services out there, tec.one is simply the most Easy-To-Use and Efficient Online Start Page - ever.

-  In brief, tec.one is usable simply as your online start or home page, where you can instantly access your favorite website or other links from anywhere, be it your home or office, or a helpful URL (web address) shortener, and it is also a versatile social promotion platform.

-  Just copy-and-paste any webpage address (e.g. by right-clicking on the browser address line) into the URL input form at the top of your tec.one page.  Arrange weblinks into separate "site community" tabs.

-  You can place any website links on your personal pages (material deemed inappropriate may be removed).  tec.one is also useful to save direct links to inner website pages, for example, a particular auto route, Google or other web search results page, or when browsing an online store and visiting pages one wants to take another look at later.  Or save a browsing session by copying the links to your tec.one page for opening later or on another device.

-  When creating Promo pages to be posted on the main page or other sections of the site or inputting new tag keywords, please make sure they conform to the context so that fewer corrections have to be made.

-  Currently, basic free accounts allow up to a certain number of weblinks and "site communities" to be created, which limits may be revised from time to time.  Free accounts can be upgraded to Unlimited for a very nominal fee.  THIS AND OTHER PAID SERVICES HELP tec.one KEEP USERS FREE FROM UNWANTED ADS.



Start / Home Page

-  You can see how your future home or online start page will look like by checking out the "Try tec.one" option on the main page which creates a Demo page.  The Demo page functionality is limited to adding site screenshots and editing their titles.  After you register, you can create multiple "site communities" separated by tabs, replace automatic site screenshots with your own or other pictures, and arrange webpage links and site community tabs using the drag-and-drop function.

-  Your personal tec.one online start or home page is the place to store and manage your favorite website links.  Make sure you save it as your browser's home page to be the starting point for your online sessions.  Open it first when you do a web search and need to save useful URLs.

-  Please note that although the basic site functionality normally works in any browsers and on smartphones or "phablets", some functions such as editing webpage or site community settings may not yet be available on smaller mobile devices or touch screens.

-  Whether you want your tec.one "website communities" be visible to others or keep them all to yourself – it’s completely your choice and can be specified in the relevant tab settings.

-  As mentioned on the Demo and New Site Community pages, the site screenshot generation technology is work in progress, and some webpages may not display properly.  Besides replacing automatic screenshots with other pictures, refreshing a site screenshot can help sometimes.

-  Updating a screenshot may also help when a particular site favicon displayed with the screenshot gets lost due to changes on the relevant website.

Promo Pages

-  To post a webpage into site category or keyword tag sections displayed on tec.one, you need to create a Promo page.  Only one Promo link per page can be created.  You may then choose a (sub)category (only one can be assigned) and/or tag sections for the webpage to appear in.

-  You can post your website or page using the Promo function on tec.one's main page or in other Prime Listing sections (for a small fee) or in any category and/or tag sections for free.

-  Categories are gradually introduced by the tec.one team, while new tags can be created by users.

-  Promo webpage links published by users may be rated by visitors to the site.  This generally affects the weblinks’ positions on the site, while some sections are reserved for sponsored links.

-  Creating a Promo page can be also an URL shortener which gives you a simple tec.one/your-login address.


-  tec.one can be also used as social media by making users' "site communities" points of sharing information with friends or colleagues.  Tell your friends that they may access all of your web pages – your dedicated Facebook page (if you have one), your online photo or video album, your own website, etc. in one place, by giving them a link to your tec.one page – make sure you reserve one quickly

-  Explore personal or professional site collection choices, promote your own or support others.

And of course we’d be glad to hear what you think.

To contact us, currently please use the Contact forms at www.aqti.one or www.imv.im