• From an online start page to a social media tool and promotion platform – use tec.one to enhance your Internet experience
  • Getting to know tec.one takes just minutes and will save you lots of time
  • Create your favorite website or page collection and use it as your home page
  • Make your “website community” pages visible to anyone or keep them private
  • Save inner website pages for immediate access, like the specific route in maps or T-shirt page of an online store
  • Use a simple tec.one/login address for sharing your website or page collection with friends or colleagues
  • To always fill in the correct web page address, it’s best to right-click on the browser address line and copy & paste it into the input form
  • Want a short URL for a website or page? Use the tec.one Promote tool
  • Promote your own website or page on the Internet or support others
  • You can replace an auto-generated site screenshot with a picture of your choice using the simple edit function
  • Looking for info on the Internet? Open your tec.one page first and save the websites you are interested in for easy future access
  • Websites presented on tec.one are rated by real people – join in or see what others choose
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